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WEEK 3.2005

Friday, the 21st of January, 2005

Latvia has the highest inflation
In 2004 the average speed of inflation in Latvia was the third highest in the EU, according to Eurostat. Among other states with high inflation level are Slovenia and Hungary. In December 2004 in comparison with December 2003 the growth in prices in Latvia was the highest within the EU in comparison with the same month of 2003, namely, 7.4%.
Dienas Bizness

Increase in producer prices
Producer prices in 2004 grew by 8.6%, which is the steadiest increase since 1996, according to the Central Statistical Bureau. As for December 2004, producer prices in this month increased by 11.5% in comparison with the same month of the previous year. It is a new record after 1995. In general in 2004 the biggest increase was experienced by metals production, 27.9%, production of metal goods, 14.6%, as well as in water, electricity and gas supply, 9.6%
Dienas Bizness

Wednesday, the 19th of January, 2005

Latvia is a paradise for investments
British consulting company Centre for Economics and Business Research made the list of the EU regions, which are the most attractive for the investments. On its top one can find Lithuania, then goes Slovakia, and Latvia is on the third place. Generally the new EU member-states are the leaders of the list. In total Centre for Economics and Business Research analyzed 223 EU regions. For defining the economic attractiveness of a region, the specialists took into consideration the economic development forecasts, education level of the inhabitants, the market capacity, as well as whether the finances from the EU funds will be directed for the development of the region.

Tuesday, the 18th of January 2005

Privatization will last for another one year
According to the provisions of the draft law prepared by the Ministry of Economy, applications for privatization could be submitted only till the end of the current year. The state also does not plan to pay compensation for the certificates, which were not used. The parliamentary secretary of the Ministry of Economy, Dzintars Zakis, said that privatization is at its final point, and the draft law explains all the issues connected with it. However, it is not yet defined what is the final term for using the privatization certificates.
Kommersant Baltic Daily

Monday, the 17th of January 2005

Export grows faster than import
In January-November 2004 Latvian export grew faster than import. It increased by 26.6% in comparison with the same period of 2003 and reached EUR 2.85 billion. In its turn, import grew by 24.8% and constituted EUR 5.04 billion. In general import exceeded export by 76.6%, while in 2003 this index was 79.3%. Wood and wood products constitute 31% in the structure of Latvian export, metals 14%, and textile materials 10.8%. As for the most popular imported goods, these are mechanisms and electric equipment, 19.7%, mineral products, 12.5%, and transport, 10.8%.
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