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WEEK 26.2005

Friday, the 1st of July, 2005

Finally to compensate to land owners
Starting from 2006 the landowners, to whose land the limitations of economic activity are applied, will be able to receive compensations from the state in money or land plots. However, only those landowners will receive compensations, who bought land first, and only afterwards the limitations were applied. Many parliamentarians believe that this law had to be passed some 5-7 years ago. But in reality it was not possible due to the shortage of finances in state budget.
Dienas Bizness

Thursday, the 30th of June, 2005

House of Europe opened
On July 1, House of Europe will be opened on Aspazijas Boulevard in Riga. Representative office of the European Commission in Latvia, information bureau of the European Parliament and information agency of the EU will be located there. The main function of the house will be maintaining dialog with Latvian society.
Biznes & Baltija

Wednesday, the 29th of June, 2005

Larger minimum
In 2006, the non-taxable minimum will be increased by EUR 8.57 or 23% and will be EUR 45.71. According to the director of Meza Ipasnieku Konsultativais Centrs, Gundars Skudrins, this decision will allow the entrepreneurs to save a little because it will not be necessary to raise the salaries that much as if the minimum would stayed the same.
Dienas Bizness

Tuesday, the 28th of June, 2005

Investments in manufacturing grow
In the first quarter of 2005, non-financial investments in Latvia amounted to EUR 386.57 million, 4% more than in the beginning of the last year. The non-financial investments in the public sector amounted to 27% from the total amount of the non-financial investments that decreased by 19%. In the first quarter, EUR 280.28 million were invested in the private sector, an increase of 17% compared to last year. 36% of the non-financial investments formed equipments and machines. EUR 112 million or the largest part of the non-financial investments was made in the manufacturing industry. The largest increase in investments was for timber, wood and cork products except furniture, which increased in 2.3 times.
Dienas Bizness

Monday, the 27th of June, 2005

Forbid tobacco advertising
The Latvian parliament accepted amendments to the Tobacco Law. From now on advertising of tobacco will be forbidden in print media, cinemas and also in projection rooms. The advertising of tobacco will be allowed only in special editions for the professionals of the industry. Press and other printed editions published by July 31 will be possible to distribute until the end of the year.
Dienas Bizness

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