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WEEK 24.2005

Friday, the 17th of June, 2005

Unemployment - 8.1 per cent
In May, the level of unemployment in Latvia decreased by 0.3 per cent points and amounted to 8.1 per cent. The unemployment level was calculated from the total number of registered unemployed. The lowest level of unemployment was registered in Ogre district (5.3 per cent), Riga district (5.5 per cent) and Saldus district (5.8 per cent). Among the cities the lowest level is in Riga (4.5 per cent) and in Jelgava (6.7 per cent). The highest employment is still in Latgale region. In Ludza district it is 28.4 per cent. The specialists of the Employment Agency believe that in June the level of unemployment will continue decreasing.
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Thursday, the 16th of June, 2005

To raise minimal salary
The minimal salary is to be raised by LVL 10 as of next year and will reach LVL 90. The non-taxable minimum will be increased by LVL 6 and will amount to LVL 32. Meanwhile the representatives of the Latvian Free Trade Unions Federation are pointing out that the increase does not cover the inflation of the last year. It is also not satisfied with the fact that the government has not kept its promise and increased the minimal salary to LVL 100.
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Wednesday, the 15th of June, 2005

Exports increase more rapidly than imports
In April 2005, exports increased by 38.1 per cent but imports by 3.1 per cent compared to April last year. The largest increase for exports was in metal industry. The decrease in imports growth is connected with the imports boom prior to May 1 last year. The increase in exports and imports is also influenced by the price increase. The exports and imports from Germany are decreasing. This country was the main exports partner of Latvia for a long time but now it is in the sixth place. The president of the Light Industries Enterprises Association Guntis Strazds points out that the economy of Germany is in stagnation and it has an impact also on Latvia. The exports increased significantly to Poland (8.6 times) and to Russia (2.1 times). Latvian exports of food to Poland increased 15 times. The exports to Russia increase in chemical, textile, machinery and mechanisms industries.
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Tuesday, the 14th of June, 2005

Investments are passing by
In the first four months of 2005, Latvia received LVL 116 million in direct foreign investments, 19.4 per cent less than a year ago compared to the same period a year ago. In April the country received LVL 41 million in investments, a decrease of 34.6 per cent compared to April last year but 76.6 per cent more compared to March 2005. In 2004, Latvia received LVL 350 million in direct investments.

Monday, the 13th of June, 2005

Prices of exports are increasing
In the first quarter of 2005, the prices of exported goods to Latvia increased by 14.2 per cent but the prices of imported goods increased by 10.1 per cent. The exports prices increased significantly for timber and its products (14.9 per cent), metal and its products (23.2 per cent) and textiles and its products (15.5 per cent). The prices for goods dominating in imports, machinery and mechanisms and electrical equipment decreased by 2.1 per cent. A rapid increase in imports prices was for mineral products - by 32.2 per cent. Compared to fourth quarter of 2005, the prices for exports increased by 4.5 per cent and for imports by 3.4 per cent.
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