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WEEK 50th 2004

Friday, the 10th of December, 2004

Parties and customs are stuck in corruption
According to the results of an opinion poll conducted by the company Transparency International, the representatives of the political parties, judicial authorities and customs are the most corrupted people in Latvia. Every fifth respondent admitted that he bribed during last year. Latvians also think that the least corrupted people are the representatives of non-governmental organizations, churches, army and municipal companies. Lithuanians gave nearly the same answers as Latvians, while Estonians do not see so much corruption in their country. In total 52,000 persons from 63 countries were interrogated during the opinion poll, among them 504 Latvians.
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Thursday, the 9th of December, 2004

Inflation in Latvia remains high
The average level of prices in Latvia in November of the current year grew by 0.5% in comparison with October and by 7.2% in comparison with the same month of 2003. It means that inflation in the country shows stabilization tendency. The most rapid growth in prices was in food products sphere, 1.1%, as well as in fuel, 1.6%. The prices of alcoholic drinks and consumer electronics slightly decreased due to the Christmas discounts. During the year the prices swiftly increased in medical services, by 14.1%, transport, by 11.5%, food products, by 9.4%, and education sphere, by 8.6%.

Wednesday, the 8th of December, 2004

Present of the post shocks
In November Latvian Post began applying 18% VAT to packages, which weight exceeds 100 grams. This innovation surprised many businessmen, because no amendments to the law on VAT were accepted during the last couple of months. Many entrepreneurs also find strange the fact that 18% VAT was introduced just before the parcels sending boom, Christmas period, without informing the clients about it. Due to this novelty post expenses in various companies will grow significantly.
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Tuesday, the 7th of December 2004

Ukrainians are interested in
The company Laika Stars is planning to open its representative office in Ukraine in order to attract investments to the Baltic region, including Latvia. The director of the enterprise, Vadims Jerosenko, said that the office might begin its work next year in January. According to Lursoft data, in 11 months of 2004 Ukrainian investments in Latvia constituted EUR 11.23 million, which is two times more than in 2000. The investments were made in 276 companies, and every year their number grows.
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Monday, the 6th of December 2004

Our GDP is Europe’s terrible dream
In comparison with last year’s data, Latvian GDP is rapidly growing. However, in European scale this Latvian index remains very insignificant. According to the review conducted by Eurostat, Latvian GDP is the lowest within the EU. In 2003 it constituted only 41% of the average European level. Poland and Lithuania are just a little higher than Latvia in GDP list. Luxembourg, Ireland and Denmark are on the top of it.
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