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WEEK 45th 2004

Friday, the 5th of November, 2004

Promise support to businessmen
On November 4 the conference ‘State support to business activity’ took place in Riga. More than 700 entrepreneurs took part in the event. The officials informed the participants about the further plans on the EU structural funds and state support to business activities. The representatives of the Ministry of Economy assured that the money from less popular EU grants programs would be divided among the most popular ones. It would be easier to receive state guarantees for small and medium enterprises from December 2004. The Minister of Economy, Juris Lujans, also stated that fears considering the overheating of Latvian economy do not correspond to reality.
Kommersant Baltic Daily

Thursday, the 4th of November, 2004

Latvia is advantageous for retail trade
According to the research conducted by the company A.T.Kearney, Latvia is the sixth most advantageous country for starting the retail business there. The company compared countries according to four criteria: economic and political risk, attractiveness of the market, its satiation and GDP index. In this list Lithuania occupies the 17th place, but Estonia was not included in it at all. The first place was given to Russia.
Dienas BiznessWednesday

Export becomes superior
In 2004 a positive tendency in Latvian-Swedish trade relations has been observed: Latvian export exceeded imported by 7.8%. The Central Statistical Bureau calculated this data. Sweden is one of the main trade partners of the Baltic country; since 1999 it occupies the third place in Latvian export partners list and sixth place in import partners list. Timber dominates in the export structure, constituting 65% of it. The export of textile also grows. As for the import structure, here dominate machines and electrical equipment (26%).
Dienas Bizness

Tuesday, the 2nd of November 2004

Enterprises grow like mushrooms after rain
The boom of creating new enterprises began in Latvia. In ten months of 2004 more new companies were registered than during the whole year in the period 1999-2003. In total in January-October of the current year 8,267 new enterprises were created, which is by 7.5% more than in 2003. The main notary of the Register of Enterprises, Janis Endzins, said that after Latvia’s accession into the EU there are more development opportunities for the firms. It is also possible to use the EU structural funds, which is why more companies are registered.
Dienas Bizness

Monday, the 1st of November 2004

Cargoes continue to flow away
Latvian businessmen are afraid of cargo flows to continue flowing away from Latvia even after the new veterinary points begin their work. The director of shipping agency Lat-Finn Agency, Vladimirs Stepanovs, explains that in ports the problem with veterinary transit cargoes is not solved yet. At present there is only one point in Latvia, which fully meets the EU requirements and has the certificate of Latvian Food and Veterinary Service. Now the cargoes mostly go through the neighbouring Lithuanian port in Klaipeda.
Dienas Bizness

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