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WEEK 39th 2003

Friday, 26th of September, 2003

Smart cards are popular
The commercial banks of Latvia have issued 54,000 smart cards. Hansabanka, Latvijas Unibanka, and Parekss Banka are issuing smart cards. Latvijas Krajbanka and NORD/LB Latvija will start to issue smart cards in October 2003. Unibanka has issued most of these cards. Hansabanka plans to issue 18,000 smart cards by the end of 2003, whereas Parekss Banka intends to issue 10,000. According to Hansabanka, the banking sector will need around LVL 5 million to change over smart cards.
(Dienas Bizness)

Thursday, 25th of September, 2003

Latvia- medium wealthy
The bank published a world development report on the Internet. It is indicated there that the annual GNP of Latvia is USD 3480 per capita. Thus Latvia ranks among the countries with medium level of income.
(Dienas Bizness)

Wednesday, 24th of September, 2003

Internet becomes more available
In May 2003, 38% of the inhabitants of Latvia were Internet users, which is 50% more than the anticipations of Latvian Internet Association. The IT marketing expert, Ina Turlaja, believes that the number of Internet users in Latvia could increase by 70% this year. The specialists explain the increase with the opening of the market of telecommunications, and the development of regular Internet connection, which provoked a decrease in the prices for Internet services.

Tuesday, 23rd of September, 2003

To raise minimal salary
Starting from January 1 of 2004, the minimal salary in Latvia will be increased from LVL 70 to LVL 80. The minimal tariff for one hour of work will be LVL 0.474, whereas the minimal tariff for those employees, who are working in dangerous conditions, will be LVL 0.542 per hour.
(Dienas Bizness)

Monday, 22nd of September, 2003

Latvia says Yes to EU
On the 20th of September the inhabitants of Latvia said convincing Yes in the referendum for joining the European Union. 67% of the voters said Yes and 32,3% were against Latvia joining the EU. Whereas the participation rate was the second highest among the EU candidate countries, namely, 72,53% of all voters participated in the referendum.
(Dienas Bizness)

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