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Wednesday 23rd of April, 2003

Tax plan is overachieved
In the first quarter of the current year, the State Revenue Service has collected LVL 407.1 million, which is by LVL 35.84 million or 9.7% more than in that period last year. Thus, the plan of tax collection has been overachieved by 7.4%. The biggest increase was for excise tax - 32.2% more was collected, if compared to the respective period last year, reaching LVL 45.56 million. Whereas the largest excise taxpayers were sellers of oil products.

Tuesday 22nd of April, 2003

Transnefteprodukt decided to stop oil transit
According to information of the news agency Regnum, the Russian company Transnefteprodukt decided to stop oil transit to the second largest stevedoring company of Latvia, Ventunkers, as of January 1 of 2004.
(Biznes & Baltija)

Trade will foster economics
The financial specialists forecast that in the next years the most growing part of the economics of Latvia will remain the trade, which will foster increase in the income of Latvian inhabitants, bank credits and development of the network of the supermarkets. Important part of the economics is also transit, which is influenced by the politics of Russia. There are also perspectives for the sector of construction. The prices of real estate are close to the expenses of building of new houses now.
(Kommersant Baltic Daily)

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