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Week 46.2009

November, 9th - 14th 2009


Incomes of broadcasters
Lithuanian radio and TV commercial broadcasters, cable TV and Multi-channel Multi-point Distributed Service (MMDS) operators posted LTL 187.408 million in combined revenues for the first nine months of this year, down 18 percent from the year-earlier..
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Cision and Observer

An announcement to Compiler´s readers

The Observer Baltic Business Monitor media follow-up service has ceased in consequence of ownership arrangements inside the Observer/Cision country offices in Estonia and Latvia.

This accumulated and useful information is now available for Compiler´s audience in the form of a closed news archive.

The Observer Baltic Business Monitor archives are sorted by country and carry over eight thousands of news highlights originated in the leading Baltic dailies and business newspapers. The archive covers the period of 2003-2009.

Free access to the archives is provided for personal use only and distribution or reproduction of any content is expressly prohibited.

You can still reach updatet Baltic business news at Compiler´s country pages for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.