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WEEK 27/2009

Wednesday, 1st of July, 2009

Hansa Candle started blossoming during crisis
Hansa Candle started blossoming during the economic crisis. Company ended year 2007 with EEK 4.1 million loss but last year earned EEK 12 million net profit. Hansa candle board president Tarvo Moss says that sale has grown a bit but turnover is the same since expenses and prices of raw material have dropped. Prices of raw materials dropped 40-50% last year and that is the main reason behind company's success, Moss says.

Credit24 earned EEK 9 million last year
Last year Credit24 earned more than EEK 9 million but loan provisions have multiplied and company predicts difficult year.

Thursday, 2nd of July, 2009

Former owner of store chain earned hundreds of millions
Former owner of Ehituse ABC store chain Famar-Desi Group received EEK 900 million from sale of subsidiary companies last year. Company's net profit increased to EEK 732 million.

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