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WEEK 22/2009

Thursday, 28th of May, 2009

Head of Skype Eesti: company's profit has stayed in Estonia
Skype Technologies OÜ head Sten Tamkivi said that international IT-company Skype has not paid dividends and profit has stayed in Estonia.

Hasselbach: we are increasing turnover
Since price of rent carriages has grown, Russian Estonian Rail Services is hoping for bigger turnover and profit for this year, said company head Ervin Hasselbach. Company is planning EEK 146 million turnover and EEK 91 million net profit this year.

Blossoming income oases
On the background of general economic fall there are still companies that are earning big income. For example, Tallinn Water earned EEK 296 million net profit last year. Estonian Energy's net profit was EEK 1.4 billion. Management of Estonian Gas decided to take 80% of EEK 74 million net profit out as dividends. All these companies are monopolistic infrastructure companies.
Eesti Päevaleht

Wednesday, 27th of May, 2009

Railway carrier grew profit
Russian Estonian Rail Services' net profit was EEK 44 million last year, which is 13.4% growth compared to EEK 39 million in 2007. In 2008 company's turnover was EEK 83 million, which is 3.61% growth compared to 2007. Company mainly expedites international carriages; the main cargo is liquids like oil products and chemicals.

Tuesday, 26th of May, 2009

AS Saarte Liinid profit grew 22%
AS Saarte Liinid earned EEK 10 million profit last year; in 2007 company earned EEK 8.2 million profit. Growth is 22%. Company's turnover grew 10% to EEK 53 million.

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