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WEEK 10/2009

Monday, 2nd of March, 2009

Starman showed quickest growth in turnover in years
AS Starman, leaving from bourse, last year made quicker growth in turnover than earlier; within one year the sales profit of company grew 26%.

Tuesday, 3rd of March, 2009

Äripäev 5 years ago: Tallinn Port - company like orchestra
Tallinn Port wants to develop extensive dwelling, office and industrial regions, wrote Äripäev 5 years ago. In addition, company starts handling construction of railways of Tallinn circle road and operating ferry traffic between islands. Current situation: "Orchestra" was conducted well - diversifying business paid off, profit grew several times to EEK 417 million.

Profit and turnover of Tallinn Water grew
AS Tallinn Water got EEK 719.9 million sale income and EEK 362.2 million income before income tax last year. In 2007 respective numbers were EEK 648.3 million and EEK 333.2 million.

Norma - one of the few swimming against the stream
While Estonian stock exchange companies had poor financial results, Norma sticks out in a good way. Averagely Estonian listed companies' profit fell 60% last year but Norma managed to grow annual profit by 1/3.

Wednesday, 4th of March, 2009

Face of the day - Tarmo Noop makes good result also during difficult times
A. Le Coq's turnover last year was EEK 1.127 billion; income before income tax was EEK 188.4 million. Company's head Tarmo Noop is careful when commenting the results. "Turnover was on the same level as in 2007," he said. He says that fall in turnover is only 2%. At the same time he notes that in 2008 A. Le Coq was able to grow market share.

Friday, 6th of March, 2009

Tourism behind profit of Tallinn Port
Tallinn Port's 20% turnover growth in 2008 was due to Estonia's accession to Schengen visa room and growth in number of tourists. Also, renewal of line ships and growth of Baltic Sea region as cruise tourism destination helped. Tallinn Port's net profit in 2008 grew by EEK 81 million to EEK 417 million. Turnover remained on level of 2007 (EEK 1.17 billion).

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