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WEEK 8/2009

Tuesday, 17th of February, 2009

Estonian Energy is hoping for EEK 900 million profit
Estonian Energy is hoping for EEK 900 million net profit for current financial year, which will end in March; that will be EEK 300 million more than last financial year.

Maxima wants to continue quick growth on falling market
Although retail sale grew only 3.7% in Estonia last year, Lithuanian Maxima was able to grow turnover in Estonia by nearly half in a year. Maxima believes that despite the fall on retail trade market company manages to grow 20% this year. Rimi's turnover grew 1% and Selver's 5% last year; Prisma grew sale 10%.

Prisma's turnover grew 10% last year
Prisma's turnover was EEK 2 billion last year, which is 10% growth compared to 2007. Company's profit last year was EEK 65.3 million. "It shows that strength of Prisma's conception is also functioning during the crisis," said AS Prisma Peremarket CEO Janne Lihavainen.
Eesti Päevaleht

Wednesday, 18th of February, 2009

ERGO collected more payments
In January ERGO Elukindlustuse AS collected more than EEK 6 million insurance payments, which is 5% more than during respective time last year.

EKT's turnover grew 9%
ETK's gross turnover in 2008 was EEK 8.1 billion, which is 9.4% more than a year earlier. Retail chains Maksimarket, Konsum and A&O provided EEK 5.5 billion of the turnover. Compared to retail sale in 2007 (EEK 7.4 billion) the sale grew 9.4%.

Thursday, 19th of February, 2009

EMT's profit last year was by EEK 2 million higher than the result a year before. At the same time turnover dropped from EEK 3.9 billion to EEK 3.7 billion.

Friday, 20th of February, 2009

Green IT grew to EEK 100 million
Green IT OÜ portfolio grew 78% in 2008, reaching EEK 100 million by the end of the year. Company sees opportunities for growth also in 2009.

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