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WEEK 49.2008

Tuesday, 2nd of December, 2008

State Forest Management gives money injection to state
State Forest Management will give EEK 680 million to state budget for 2009. Next year State Forest Management's total income will be EEK 1.7 billion.

Last year Estonian companies' profits grew 0%. Agriculture sector had the best result - companies' profit grew 43%.

Starman's quarter profit grew more than 1/3
Starman's 3Q net profit reached EEK 11.8 million, which is 38% more than in respective period last year. Starman's turnover grew 31% in 3Q to EEK 91.2 million.

Thursday, 4th of December, 2008

K-Print continues investing
Year 2007 was successful for K-Print. Company increased sale and profit grew; also company made investments. Head of the company Rein Rebane says that 2007 was the best printing year of all times for K-Print.

Friday, 5th of December, 2008

Costly tradition - annual water price growth
Tallinn Water's annual price growths have become unpleasant tradition. Prices grow despite the expenses Tallinn Water makes and general economic situation. In 2007, Tallinn Water earned EEK 330 million profit with EEK 820 million turnover. Tallinn Water is also known as one of the most generous dividend payers on Tallinn Stock Exchange.

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