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WEEK 44.2008

Monday, 27th of October, 2008

Elisa grew number of customers 10%
In nine months this year Elisa grew number of customers 10%, reaching 342,300 customers in September. Elisa's nine months' business profit grew 3.6%.

Eesti Energia's turnover grew EEK 0.5 billion
Eesti Energia's turnover grew by EEK 569 million in first six months to EEK 4.5 billion; company earned EEK 185 million net profit.

Tuesday, 28th of October, 2008

Saku Metall's profit doubled
AS Saku Metall's nine months' turnover grew to EEK 255.3 million this year and profit from economic activities grew to EEK 13.4 million. Last year respective numbers were EEK 251.3 million and EEK 7.3 million.

Wednesday, 29th of October, 2008

Profitability of Sampo Bank continued
Profitable growth of Sampo Bank continued in 3Q due to increase in income and improvement in cost effectiveness. The bank's CEO Aivar Rehe commented that Sampo Bank continues stable and profitable growth. Sampo's profit in Estonia in 9 months 2008 was EEK 502 million compared to EEK 297 million in 8 months last year. In a year profit grew 69%.

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