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WEEK 43.2008

Wednesday, 22nd of October, 2008

10 times' growth in profit
Liivi Kaubamaja AS profit has grown more than 10 times compared to five years ago. Success has been due to long time of experience and number of passengers going through the airport. Company operates in Tallinn Airport and its turnover grew 26% in 2007 compared to previous year; profit, which was EEK 1.1 million in 2006, reached EEK 5.7 million last year.

Thursday, 23rd of October, 2008

Tallinn Water grew turnover by EEK 120 million
In 9 months 2008 AS Tallinn Vesi grew business income to EEU 670.4 million compared to EEK 550 million last year. Profit before income tax was EEK 269.3 million, which is 7.2% more than in 2007.

Friday, 24th of October, 2008

3Q turnover of Tele2 was EEK 465 million
AS Tele2 Eesti turnover in 3Q this year was EEK 465 million and income before taxes EEK 160 million (+12%). Number of mobile operator's customers grew by 13,000 compared to last year, reaching 503,000 customers.

Baltika grew turnover and profit
Baltika grew turnover and profit in 3Q; company head Meelis Milder says that investments go Eastern Europe are finally beginning to pay off. Net profit grew 20% to EEK 12.5 million compared to EEK 10.4 million last year.

Strand got four stars and new team last year
AS Strand increased turnover and profit considerably last year. Important factors were right choice of services and corrections in business. Turnover of Strand Spa and Conference Hotel grew 19% last year compared to 2006, reaching EEK 62 million. Profit grew 38% to EEK 13.6 million.


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