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WEEK 37.2008

Friday, 12th of September, 2008

Time of crisis gives advantage to companies with small debts
Economic crisis often gives good chances for companies with strong balance and small debt burden for expansion and taking over other companies. Among companies listed on Tallinn Stock Exchange, stronger ones are Norma and Eesti Telekom, who have strong balance and practically no debts. Merko Ehitus and Olympic EG are also in good position due to small debts, big market share and because they can take over smaller competitors when times are difficult.

Thursday, 11th of September, 2008

President of Bank of Finland: Euro brought Europe stability
President of the Bank of Finland Erkki Liikanen said in his speech in the Bank of Estonia that the common currency euro ensured Europe stable economic environment, as also helped Finland to survive the burst of “IT-bubble” in 2000. The Maastricht criteria are really good guides not only for joining the eurozone but likewise for fiscal policy in general. Unfortunately, the eurozone lags behind the US due to slower economic growth, lower productivity and higher unemployment - if competition was as free as in the US, the eurozone’s GNI could curretly be up to 12% higher, Liikanen estimated.

Every 12th Estonian is entrepreneur
In past four years number of entrepreneurs in Estonia has grown by 26%, which means that every 12th Estonian has his own business. The most entrepreneurs are active in wholesale and retail trade.

Wednesday, 10th of September, 2008

Joakim Helenius's Trigon Agri grew profit five times
Trigon Agri grew profit more than five times last six months, to EUR 4.5 million. Trigon Capital's board president Ülo Adamson says that there are two reasons for strong growth: company has expanded seeding and harvesting grounds and the grounds in use give good harvest.

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