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WEEK 36.2008

Friday, 5th of September

Doctors' companies earn nice profits
Economic results of companies connected to leading doctors distinguish with high profitability. OÜ Doctoom, which is focused on neurological research, was able to earn EEK 817,000 net profit in a year.

Tuesday, 2nd of September

Refund claim helped Kalev to profit
Failed purchase deal of Kalev and Tere helped Kalev to reach profit, bringing buyer Alta Capital gigantic compensation claims. Yesterday Kalev announced Tallinn Stock Exchange that company's profit last financial year reached EEK 113 million.

EEK 1.34 billion
AS Kalev's financial year sale income grew 44% to EEK 1.34 billion compared to previous period.

Monday, 1st of September

Mainor Group's turnover grew 25%
Turnover of Mainor Group in first six months 2008 was EEK 182.8 million and profit EEK 103.8 million. Group's turnover grew 25% compared to first six months in 2007.

Helmes grew
Software company Helmes's first six months' turnover grew more than twice and profit more than three times. Turnover of the company was EEK 134 million and profit EEK 15.4 million. "Due to strong team Helmes has strengthened its position as Estonian leading software exporter year by year," said board president of the company Jaan Pillesaar.

RKAS earned EEK 13 million profit
State Real Estate Ltd (RKAS) had growth in turnover if six months to EEK 140.8 million and company earned EEK 13.4 million net profit.

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