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WEEK 35.2008

Friday, 29th of August, 2008

Average salary grew to EEK 13,306 in 2Q
Average gross salary in 2Q 2008 was EEK 13,306, which is 15.2% more than in respective period last year. This and next years Ministry of Finance expects growth in salaries to slow down.
Eesti Päevaleht, 2008-08-29

Thursday, 28th of August, 2008

Turnover of Maag Group rose 73 %
Consolidated turnover of Maag Group rose 73% for the first half-year compared to the same period last year, reaching 859 million EEK. The turnover of Maag Dairy Industry raised 83% reaching 168.5 million EEK and Maag Meat Industry turnover raised by 11%, reaching 119.8 million EEK.

Saku Brewery raised its net profit to 51.5 million EEK
Net profit of Saku Brewery for first half-year was 51,541 million EEK, which is 23,4 million EEK more than for the same period last year. Sales revenues were on the first half-year of 2008, EEK 456,9 million; 32 million EEK came from sales revenues of export goods.

Profit of Saku Brewery rose steeply
Saku Brewery earned 51,54 million EEK with first six months of this year, even though the business revenue of brewery was EEK 7,2 million smaller than last year.
SL Õhtuleht

Wednesday, 27th of August, 2008

Turnover of Laeva Piim grew 15%
Laeva Piim's turnover in first six months of the year grew to EEK 219,8 million. A year ago six months' turnover of dairy company was EEK 189,8 million.

Põlva Piim - once again with Estonian owners
Last periods of time have been very significant for Põlva Piim - last year very fast raise in turnover was reached and in the end of the year, the public got to know that the previous owners of the company bought out the firm from the foreign investors. Last year turned out to be excellent for Põlva Piim, where in relatively small turnover raise the profit of the company rose more than three times, from 15 million EEK to 50 million EEK.

Viisnurk raised turnover and profit by one quarters
Furniture and laminate producer Viisnurk turnover raised the most in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, adding one million to the profit. Turnover of AS Viisnurk rose in the second quarter by 24% and business profit by 25%. Turnover of the company was 78,2 million EEK.

Webmedia raised turnover by 40%
Turnover for the first half-year of computer software developer Webmedia was 83 million EEK and profit 18,5 million EEK. Compared to the same period last year the turnover rose 39.4% and profit 37.2%. Turnover was encouraged by exporting the software developments and end of many big projects.

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