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WEEK 33.2008

Friday, 15th of August

Turnover of seller of liquid fuel grew EEK 1.5 billion
Mazeikiu Nafta Trading House OÜ net turnover in first six months of this year reached EEK 3.867 billion and profit from economic activities was EEK 21.6 million.

Wednesday, 13th of August

Teaching sale brings profit to schooling companies
Slowed economic growth increases demand for sale schooling. EMT's personnel manager Terje Kuusik says that schooling costs of EMT have not lessened in past year, rather the opposite. "Next year we want to keep that level. All our courses are focused to improvement of work skills and thus it is not possible to save up in that field," Kuusik said.

Tuesday, 12th of August

Saku offered Carlsberg beer to shareholders
Extraordinary meeting for Saku Brewery's shareholders took place on Monday 11. Carlsberg pays minor shareholders EEK 194.06 for each stock. Some shareholders expressed disappointment, as several investments lost money. Saku Brewery's board member Cardo Remmel says that with stocks there are risks involved.

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