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WEEK 32.2008

Wednesday, 6th of August, 2008

Sale of ACE Logistics Group grew
Sale of ACE Logistics Group in first half a year 2008 reached EEK 136.1 million compared to EEK 103.6 million last year. Company earned EEK 6.5 million income before income tax.

Hospitals had additional income
Extraordinary incomes saved finance indicators of Estonian bigger hospitals. Profit of Tartu University's clinic has grown from EEK 21 million to EEK 161 million in a year, North-Estonian Regional Hospital has come out of loss and Pärnu Hospital also has grown profit. However, it appears that numbers have changed due to major real estate deals.

Friday, 8th of August, 2008

Fjodor Berman - six months' growth reaches EEK 1 billion
Head of BLRT Fjodor Berman an use unit "billion" when talking about sale growth of his company. Company's sale growth was nearly 40%, profit growth 40%. It is good that company intends to keep making business in Estonia.

BLRT's turnover grew to EEK 2.9 billion
Sale of BLRT Group in first six months 2008 grew 38.4% compared to respective period last year, reaching EEK 2.9 billion. Profit reached EEK 460 million in first half a year, which is 40% growth.

Sampo earned EEK 374 million profit
In first six months of the year Sampo Bank earned EEK 374 million profit from banking. "2Q economic results were the best in the history of the bank," said CEO of the bank Aivar Rehe. Sampo grew volume of loans and deposits more than then average indicator on the market. Loan portfolio of Sampo Bank grew 34% in a year and volume of deposits grew 17%.

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