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WEEK 27.2008

Wednesday, 2nd of July, 2008

Manutent sold hotel in St Petersburg to SOK
Real estate developer Manutent undersigned purchase agreement with Finnish concern SOK, according to which SOK buys Manutent's hotel in St Petersburg in Russia. With hotel sale Manutent earns EUR 1.5 million.

Baltika's retail sale grew 13%
Baltika's retail sale grew 13% in 2Q, reaching EEK 263 million. Baltika's turnover reached EEK 92.7 million in June, growing 9% compared to last year. Retail sale in June grew 12% and wholesale 46%.

Thursday, 3rd of July, 2008

Merko Group earned EEK 776 million profit in a year
Merko Group earned EEK 775.8 million profit with EEK 4.43 billion consolidated turnover in 2007. Merko Group's turnover grew 23.2% and net profit 17.5% in a year.

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