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WEEK 26.2008

Thursday, 26th of June, 2008

Liviko's profit grew 6% last year
AS Liviko's turnover in 2007 was EEK 1.4 billion; company's net profit formed EEK 50 million. Turnover grew 42% and profit 6%. "Extending to Latvia and Lithuania in 2007 created ground for further quick development of Liviko. In near future it will help us to double our turnover," said AS Liviko's board president Janek Kalvi.

Eesti Energia earned EEK 615 million profit
Eesti Energia earned EEK 615 million profit in 2007/2008 financial year. According to auditing company PriceWaterHouse Coopers, energy concern's business income last year was EEK 9 billion, business profit EEK 994 million and net profit EEK 615 million.

Famar-Desi gave good dividends to owners
Owners of Famar-Desi allowed themselves to have gigantic EEK 480 million dividends. This is more dividends than given out by almost any company listed on Tallinn Stock Exchange.

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