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WEEK 24.2008

Tuesday, 10th of June, 2008

Estonian prefers expensive jeep over small car
Despite low economy, Estonians buy luxury cars. According to AMTEL, 77 luxury cars have been sold in Estonia in five months. In addition, 2115 jeeps have been sold during this period (in first five months 2006 in Estonia 1454 jeeps and 65 luxury cars were sold).
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Wednesday, 11th of June, 2008

Occupancy of Nordic Hotel Forum grew
Demand on Tallinn hotel market has grown 5% in 1Q. Occupancy of Nordic Hotel Forum was 61% in May. "Occupancy in May shows that Nordic Hotel Forum has successfully entered four-star business and conference hotel market in Tallinn," says Nordic Hotels OÜ board president Feliks Magus.
Eesti Päevaleht

Turnover of Linxtelecom Estonia grew 52%
Net turnover of telecommunication company Linxtelecom Estonia was EEK 68.6 million and profit EEK 2.5 million in 2007. Turnover grew 52% in a year.
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Artig KV continues construction in city centre
Real estate company Artig will continue construction of a building on Veerenni Street, after having made a contract with construction company Fund Ehitus. Artig KV has been active on Estonian real estate market for six years. Company had EEK 192 million turnover and EEK 59.5 million net profit in 2007. Turnover in 1Q 2008 was EEK 38.6 million, which is 20% growth compared to respective period in 2007.

Thursday, 12th of June, 2008

France Telecom would add international measure
Interview with head of Eesti Telekom Valdo Kalm. If French telecom company France Telecom should take over Eesti Telekom's parent company TeliaSonera, it would add wider international grasp to strong IT-background. Eesti Telekom was chosen the best listed company in Estonia and Baltic States. The second in Estonia became Saku Brewery. Kalm says that level of Lithuanian TEO is very good, it is a transparent company. However, company's value is also important and that is why Eesti Telekom might have got the first position - currently it is the most valuable company in the Baltic States, Kalm says.

Friday, 13th of June, 200

Winner of the week
Valdo Kalm leads Baltic best listed company. Valdo Kalm may be happy - Eesti Telekom was chosen Estonian and Baltic best listed company. Victory came due to open communication and stably good financial results. In 4Q last year company earned 16% more profit than year earlier - EEK 455 million.

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