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Tuesday, 20th of May, 2008

Kaubamaja was successful
Tallinna Kaubamaja's sale income in 1Q was EEK 1.47 billion. Sale income grew by 14%.

Wednesday, 21st of May, 2008

Olympic gives out dividend millions
Olympic Entertainment Group will pay out EEK 75 million as dividends to shareholders.

Friday, 23rd of May, 2008

Eesti Telekom pays EEK 1.5 billion dividends
Eesti Telekom will pay EEK 1.5 billion as dividends. Company will have EEK 981 million from undivided net profit.

Silberauto's turnover grew EEK 1.3 billion
AS Silberauto's turnover reached EEK 5.3 billion last year, growing by nearly EEK 1.3 billion (32%). Company's profit from economic activities last year was EEK 232.6 million, which is 7% growth.

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