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WEEK 19.2008

Tuesday, 6th of May, 2008

Credit Ban earned EEK 30 million in quarter
In 1Q this year Credit Bank earned EEK 29.4 million net profit. Bank's loan portfolio reached EEK 2.52 billion by the end of 1Q, growing 7.6% in a quarter. Bank's board president Andrus Kluge said that considering the general cool-down in economy, results of the bank were very good.

Thursday, 8th of May, 2008

Profit of Harju Elekter grew 15%
Net profit of Harju Elekter grew 12% to EEK 9.7 million in 1Q. Consolidated turnover of the concern increased 34.5% to EEK 203.9 million.

Friday, 9th of May, 2008

Rondam added EEK 15 million to turnover
Net profit of AS Rondam Group in 1Q reached EEK 92.7 million this year and profit from economic activities was EEK 9.4 million. In respective period last year concern's net turnover was EEK 76.2 million and profit from economic activities EEK 9.3 million.

ERGO Kindlustus showed growth
Net turnover of the first three months of 2008 of insurance company ERGO Kindlustus AS reached EEK 248.2 million and profit from economic activities was EEK 18.3 million. Last year company's turnover in same period was EEK 228.6 million and loss EEK 5.2 million.

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