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WEEK 18.2008

Wednesday, 30th of April, 2008

Fortum Tartu's turnover and profit grew
AS Fortum Tartu's 1Q net profit this year reached EEK 92 million and profit to EEK 26 million. Company's net profit in 1Q last year was EEK 83 million and profit EEK 22 million.

Elisa's number of customers grew by 10%
Mobile operator Elisa's number of customers grew 10% to 327,400 in a year. Company's business profit in 1Q was EEK 142.5 million, turnover was EEK 403.4 million. "Elisa has received 10% new customers in a year," said company's board president Sami Seppänen. "Elisa earned EEK 85.7 million business profit in 1Q," Seppänen noted.
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Tele2 investments grew
Estonian second biggest mobile operator AS Tele2 had EEK 422 million business profit in 1Q (EEK 117 million in 1Q 2007). Company's investments continued quick growth and were EEK 65 million in 1Q.
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Sampo and Nordea had 40% more loans
Sampo's and Nordea's loan portfolio grew 40% in 1Q; for both companies loans of companies grew quicker than loans of private persons. Sampo Bank's 1Q net profit this year was EEK 124 million; profit grew more than two times compared to respective period a year ago. Nordea had 17% profit growth with EEK 78 million in 1Q. Head of Sampo Bank Aivar Rehe noted that in first three months of this year loans and deposits grew strongly and exceeded the average growth on the market.

Eesti Energia's profit EEK 700 million
Eesti Energia's business income in 2007/2008 financial year was EEK 9.1 billion, business profit EEK 1.1 billion and net profit EEK 0.7 billion.
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Profit of A. Le Coq grew 12%
Business profit of A. Le Coq grew 12% in 1Q 2008. Company’s total sale was 28.1 million litres (+2%).
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Friday, 2nd of May, 2008

Saku hopes to ride on fame of Carlsberg
Saku Brewery hopes to benefit from the fame of its new major owner Carlsberg, said finance manager of the company Inga Kuusik on Wednesday. According to Kuusik, the change is very pleasing for Saku because fifth biggest brewery in the world Carlsberg has loads of knowledge and famous brands, from which Saku also hopes to benefit from. Total volume of Estonian beer market was 128 million litres last year.

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