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WEEK 16.2008

Thursday, 17th of April, 2008

Tallinna Kaubamaja gave supporting hint
The Bank of Estonia's 2% economic growth prognosis did not bring wave of pessimism to Tallinn Stock Exchange - instead the index rose. Stock of Tallinna Kaubamaja grew 0.63%. Kaubamaja published 1Q economic sale results, which were good - EEK 1.47 billion turnover. Net profit is predicted EEK 85 million (EEK 75.8 million in 1Q last year).

Friday, 18th of April, 2008

Turnover of Ingman Jäätised grew 18%
Turnover of AS Ingman Jäätised in 2007 grew 16% compared to year 2006, to EEK 60.7 million. Last year's profit was nearly EEK 1.1 million. "When in last year whole ice cream market grew 7%, then Ingman's 18% growth is 2.5 times bigger. Consumers have started preferring high-quality ice creams," said board president of AS Ingman Jäätised Margus Kastein.

Mainor invested EEK 482 million
Turnover of Mainor Group companies was EEK 290 million in 2007 compared to EEK 266 million in 2006. Growth in turnover was 10%. Net profit of Mainor Group in 2007 was EEK 437 million (EEK 231 million in 2006). There are 368 people working in concern. In 2007 company invested EEK 482 million.

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