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WEEK 13.2008

Monday, 24th of March, 2008

Turnover of Reisiekspert up EEK 12 million
The net turnover of the travel agent AS Reisiekspert in 2007 reached EEK 198 million and profit EEK 4 million. In 2006 the respective figures were EEK 186 million and EEK 8 million.
For 2008 the company prognosticates a turnover of EEK 207 million and a profit of EEK 4 million.

Turnover of Rondam up EEK 80 million
The net turnover of AS Rondam Grupp in 2007 reached EEK 383 million and profit amounted to EEK 44 million. The sum of investments in 2007 was EEK 392 million.
The company is producing packages and packaging materials.

Tuesday, 25th of March, 2008

Innovation in Werol factories earned profit for the company
In the second half of the year the rape seed oil manufacturer Werol Tehased earned a profit of EEK 0.4 million and that mainly due to the implementation of a new business software, which enables the company to follow the work of the factory online via internet.

People's purchasing power has clearly increased
The purchasing power of the people went up by third in six years. "Wages have increased faster than prices," claimed Tairi Rõõm from the Bank of Estonia.

Wednesday, 26th of March, 2008

Turnover of DPD Estonia up by half
The total turnover of international logistics company DPD Eesti AS in 2007 increased 48 percent compared to 2006. The amount of the turnover reached EEK 98 million. The number of parcels increased 40 percent up to 1729 million.
According to the head of DPD Eesti Tarmo Tael the reasons behind the growth of local transport market are mainly the general economic growth and higher logistics awareness.

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