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WEEK 10.2008

Monday, 3rd of March, 2008

maxit Estonia's profit grew by quarter
AS maxit Estonia earned EEK 188 million income before income tax with EEK 699 million turnover in 2007. Sum of investments was EEK 48 million.

Tuesday, 4th of March, 2008

Fair confession
Cheese manufacturer Estover announced of 2007 profit, which grew 10 times. Cause of the growth is increased prices of products - stunning honesty from the entrepreneur. Usually companies try to reason price growth to customers with circumstances that do not depend on the company, like growth in fuel prices or growth in cost of labour force.

New head of Novatours Eesti is Merike Aspe
New leader of Novatours Eesti is former commerce director of the company Merike Aspe. Aspe has been active in tourism business for 11 years. In four years Novatours has grown turnover from EEK 49 million to EEK 333 million. This year Novatours plans to grow turnover to EEK 450 million and increase number of customers to 55,000.

Price growth increased Estover's profit
Cheese manufacturer Estover announced that company's profit grew to EEK 25 million in 2007 and turnover to EEK 318 million. Last year profit was EEK 0.2 million. Estover OÜ CEO Kai Rimmel said that profit grew due to planned sales work and efficiency in production. Also, general growth in prices of dairy products helped to grow profit, Rimmel admitted. In 2008 Estover plans to grow turnover and profit by 15%.

Thursday, 6th of March, 2008

Laenuabi's loan portfolio grew 70%
Loan portfolio of trademark Laenuabi, which belongs to Kagu Invest AS, grew 70% in 2007, reaching EEK 150 million.

Friday, 7th of March, 2008

Annual turnover of MarkIT EEK 322 million
IT company MarkIT's turnover in 2007 was more than EEK 320 million. Compared to previous year, turnover grew 15%, more than EEK 40 million. In 2006 company's turnover was EEK 280 million. MarkIT's turnover in Estonia was EEK 174 million, in the Baltic States EEK 215 million and in Finland EEK 107 million.

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