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WEEK 9.2008

Tuesday, 26th of February, 2008

Face of the day - Raul Puusepp declares he is the best
There is no other trade giant in Estonia that had more than EEK 400 million profit last year, announced head of Tallinna Kaubamaja Raul Puusepp. Concern's net profit grew by 50% last year to EEK 411 million and turnover was near EEK 6 billion, increasing by 39% in a year.

Kaubamaja fought with difficulties successfully last year
Despite cooling economy and predictions of difficult times ahead, Tallinna Kaubamaja managed to grow profit 50% last year. "4Q profit met predictions of LHV. We expected EEK 132 million profit, Kaubamaja earned EEK 131 million," said analyst Henri Adams.

Wednesday, 27th of February, 2008

Concrete manufacturer's turnover more than EEK 0.5 billion
AS Tartu Maja Betoontooted unaudited consolidated turnover of 2007 reached EEK 518 million and profit EEK 85 million. Investments were made for EEK 11 million. Company's consolidated turnover in 2006 was EEK 443 million and profit EEK 75 million. For this year company predicts EEK 400 million turnover and EEK 40 million profit.

Thursday, 28th of February, 2008

Annual turnover of Ekspress Group exceeded limit of EEK 1 billion
Sale income of media concern Ekspress Group grew 24% in a year, forming EEK 1.15 billion. Concern's business income in 2007 grew by 14% to EEK 119 million.
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Friday, 29th of February, 2008

Kolle adds EEK 130 million to turnover
AS Kolle's consolidated turnover of 2007 reached EEK 880 million and profit EEK 81 million. Investments were made for EEK 253 million last year. Company's turnover in 2006 was EEK 753 million and income before income tax EEK 119 million. For this year company predicts EEK 885 million turnover and EEK 95 million income before income tax.

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