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WEEK 5.2008

Wednesday, 30th of January, 2008

Results of Jõgeva MÜ improved
Last year's turnover of retail sale company Jõgeva MÜ reached EEK 237 million; income before income tax was EEK 6 million. In 2006 turnover was EEK 187 million and profit EEK 4 million.

Kristiine Centre grew turnover
Turnover of stores in Kristiine Centre grew 13.5% in a year and formed EEK 1.618 billion. According to centre's director Allan Remmelkoor, year as a whole was successful.
Eesti Päevaleht

Friday, 1st of February, 2008

Sampo's profit grew by half
Net profit of 11 months for Sampo Bank in 2007 was EEK 480 million, which is 52% more than year earlier. Amount of assets grew 62% in a year, to EEK 38 billion.

Prike: profit doubled
AS Prike's turnover last year reached EEK 630.7 million; income before income tax was EEK 25.8 million. In 2006 turnover was EEK 409.7 million and profit EEK 12.6 million. For this year company predicts EEK 34 million profit. AS Prike imports and sells alcohol, coffee, tea and tobacco products.

Estover's profit jumped up
Estover OÜ earned EEK 25 million income before income tax with EEK 318 million turnover last year. Sum of investments was EEK 2 million last year. Company's turnover in 2006 was EEK 265 million and profit EEK 0.1 million. Estover OÜ manufactures and sells cheese and other dairy products.

Äripäev's turnover grew
AS Äripäev's turnover in 2007 grew to EEK 233.1 million and profit was EEK 42.5 million. Sum of investments was EEK 5.3 million last year. In 2006 turnover was EEK 180 million and profit EEK 29.1 million. AS Äripäev finance manager Jaan Silvet notes that favourable economic climate and strong development of product portfolio helped profit and turnover to grow. For this year company predicts EEK 279 million turnover and EEK 53.1 million profit.

Good service = good profit
Yesterday Sampo Bank published extremely good economic results - profit growth 52%, new customers were won over 12%. A year ago Sampo Bank became the bank with the best service in Estonia and this might be connected to current good economic results.

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