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WEEK 4.2008

Wednesday, 23rd of January, 2008

Profit of Ecwador doubled
Turnover of advertising agency Ecwador, which is based on Estonian capital, grew 46% in 2007 compared to 2006 and business profit grew 93%. In 2007 company earned EEK 6.4 million agency income.

Estravel's turnover exceeded EEK 1 billion
Last year Estravel's turnover for the first time in company's history exceeded EEK 1 billion limit. Travel company earned EEK 29.7 million profit. Last year Estravel strengthened its position as Estonian biggest travel agency with 37% market share. Sale to business customers formed 64% and to private customers 36% of company's turnover. 52.3% of the sale came from sale of international flight tickets. Sale of hotel accommodation formed 16.5% and sale of travel packets 12.5% of the turnover.

Thursday, 24th of January, 2008

Turnover and profit of KMG Ehitus grew
Turnover of construction company KMG Ehitus AS reached EEK 688 million last year. In 2006 turnover was EEK 613 million. Company earned EEK 20 million income before income tax in 2007 compared to EEK 17.9 million a year earlier.

Friday, 25th of January, 2008

Estonian capital blossoms
Webmedia, which was founded in Estonia in 2000, is the quickest growing software development company in the Baltic States. Company's web page says that Webmedia's turnover has grown from EUR 0.5 million in 2002 to EUR 7 million in 2006. Webmedia was the first Estonian software company to have turnover over EEK 100 million.
Äripäev, 2008-01-25

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