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WEEK 1.2008

Monday, 31st of December, 2007

Companies' sale income grew
In 2006, companies' sale income grew 19% compared to previous year. Companies' sale income in 2006 was more than EEK 590 billion.
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Good economic results enabled hospitals to pay bonuses
Hospitals reached profit and paid bonuses in millions of kroons. Economic system of Estonian hospitals is the best in Eastern Europe, says head of Estonian Health Insurance Fund Hannes Danilov. Tartu University clinic's board member Mart Einasto recalls that the last time when clinic had a small loss was in 2002, after that hospital has reached profit each year. Good incomes enable hospitals to pay decent Christmas bonuses and other bonuses to employees.
Eesti Päevaleht

Thursday, 3rd of January, 2008

Steve Forbes sees Estonia among richest countries
Media magnate Steve Forbes has always praised Estonia, especially our proportional income tax. According to Forbes, the idea of Estonian PM that Estonia should be among the five richest countries in the world some time is realistic. Estonia should not take wealth for granted but it should be taken to next level, Forbes notes.

Friday, 4th of January, 2008

Kalev more expensive than ever before
Kalev's stock closed on EUR 1.95 yesterday, which is the highest level for the stock in its stock exchange history. Stock got positive push in autumn last year when company decided to sell its food and candy production for a devent price and major owner Rubla made obligatory takeover offer to small stockholders. According to stocks' takeover prospect, sale of food and confectionery production will bring nearly EEK 530 million to Kalev. Kalev is currently active in media, printing and real estate sector. From June to September three fields earned EEK 52 million profit and EEK 5 million loss.

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