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WEEK 52.2007

Thursday, 27th of December, 2007

Small country's keys to success
Despite its tragic history, Baltic tiger Estonia has managed to reach remarkable success, wrote magazine of Taiwanese Commonwealth Magazine. It seems difficult to believe that popular Skype, which is used by 246 million people all around the world, is created by unknown Estonians. Among the Baltic States, Estonia has harnessed the most radical reforms and has experienced the quickest success. Basis of Estonia's success are advantages of being a small country. Government is able to harness reforms quickly, companies contribute to operative innovation and people adapt quickly.
Eesti Päevaleht

Friday, 28th of December, 2007

We step forward, not backwards
Next year our economic success will continue, unemployment rate will be among the smallest in the EU and income will grow for many people, writes Finance Minister Ivari Padar. Though next year will be full of economic challenges for Estonia mainly because of general price growth, Estonia is ready for risks. Average pension fee will grow in April and income tax rate will lower.
SL Õhtuleht

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