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WEEK 51.2007

Wednesday, 19th of December, 2007

Question: Which company deserves to be given the award of success this year?
Tarmo Kriis from Estonian Employers' Confederation thinks that Tallinna Kaubamaja has been successful because it is an enterprise with very quick growth at the moment. Entrepreneur Urmas Sõõrumaa proposes that the most successful company in Estonia in 2007 could be Hansapank. According to Sõõrumaa, Estonian biggest bank has rather big profit and it will survive good and bad times.
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Friday, 21st of December, 2007

Hansapank may create new home loan bank
Hansapank is examining a possibility to create separate daughter bank that would raise money from international bond market; other banks do not see this plan having advantages on Estonian market. In past two years Hansapank's loan portfolio has grown drastic 50% in a year and forms about 1/5 of loan portfolio of parent bank Swedbank. Hansapank provides already 40% of profit of Swedbank.

Santa Claus has choices
Past months have been seemingly in dark tones but in fact there can be positive numbers and trends found from year 2007. Survey conducted in spring showed that 78% of Estonian citizens are satisfied with their life. In 3Q Estonians' gross wage grew 1/5 compared to respective period one year ago and reached EEK 10,899 in a month; average wage in Estonia is higher than in Latvia and Lithuania.

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