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WEEK 48.2007

Monday, 26th of November, 2007

Wages moving upwards
In 3Q average gross wage of employees grew 20% compared to year ago and reached EEK 10,899. Wages grew the most in agriculture, more than 28%; wage growth was also quick in construction.

Wednesday, 28th of November, 2007

SMS Laen OÜ gave 100,000 small loans
SMS Laen OÜ gave out small loans in amount of EEK 200 million in ten months this year; company's net profit was EEK 10.4 million. Compared to September and October 2006, total volume has grown more than three times.
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Turnover of Põlva Consumers Co-operation EEK 336 million
Nine months' turnover of retail trade company Põlva Consumers Co-operation this year was more than EEK 336 million, which is 19% more than in respective period last year. Retail turnover of Põlva Consumers Co-operation in 2006 was EEK 389 million, which is 40% growth in a year.
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Thursday, 29th of November, 2007

BIG's loan portfolio reaches EEK 2 billion
Loan portfolio of Baltic Investment Group Bank (BIG) grew by EEK 300 million in 3Q, reaching EEK 1.9 billion by the end of the quarter. There were more than 90,000 active loan contracts in the end of September.

Friday, 30th of November, 2007

Arco Vara showed beautiful numbers
In 3Q Arco Vara was able to surprise shareholders with 1/3 growth in turnover and profit numbers but this growth did not come from main business. "Company's income was the same as in respective period last year but income from sale of subsidiary companies and finance profit benefited to growth," said LHV's analyst Henri Adams. In 3Q Arco Vara's turnover grew 20%. Company's profit in 3Q was EEK 36,945 million, which is 145% growth but half of this sum, EEK 17.4 million, was received from reassessment of real estate investments.

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