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WEEK 47.2007

Tuesday, 20th of November, 2007

Hansapank recommends buying Tallink's stocks
In its analysis published on November 15, Hansapank recommends buying Tallink's stocks. Analyst of Hansabank Markets Sander Danil wrote that bank is satisfied with company's results in 2006/07 financial year. "We already see that rearrangements in Silja and synergy of costs results in growing profit," noted Danil.

Estonia's quick recovering
Estonia's economic growth will quicken again in the end of next year, predicted the Bank of Estonia. According to vice president of Estonian Bank Andres Sutt, Estonian economy has handled changed situation very well so far. Central Bank predicts 4.5% economic growth for Estonia for 2008 and with that Estonia's economy still grows twice as quickly as economic growth in eurozone.

Estonian won LHV's stock game Stock Exchange Shark
Baltic online stock game Stock Exchange Shark was won by Estonian Lauri Meidla. "As there were fall moods on markets throughout the game, only 15% of portfolios ended in profit and it took very good knowledge of the market to win," said main organiser of the game Alo Vallikivi. "Index of Nasdaq dropped 3.2% during the game. Baltic stock markets were in downfall as well: Tallinn Stock Exchange index OMXT dropped 8.5%, Riga's OMXR 9.7% and Vilnius' OMXV 6.4%," said Vallikivi.

Wednesday, 21st of November, 2007

BIG got international credit rating
International rating agency Moody's gave Baltic Investment Group Bank AS (BIG) credit rating for the first time. Moody's gave positive appraisal to BIG's profit potential, capital basis, efficiency of activity and dispersion of credit risk.

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