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WEEK 43.2007

Monday, 22nd of October, 2007

Eesti Telekom's profit grew 7.8%
Eesti Telekom's profit grew 7.8% to EEK 508.5 million. Eesti Telekom's board president Valdo Kalm says that all main fields of activity contributed to growth. Turnover in mobile services increased 13.8%.

Tuesday, 23rd of October, 2007

Printall increases power
Subsidiary company of Ekspress Group, AS Printall, started new magazine printing machine Rotoman, which enables growing production power by 1/3. EEK 131.6 million will be invested to new technology. Printall's turnover in first six months of 2007 was EEK 192 million, profit EEK 24.7 million.

Wednesday, 24th of October, 2007

Rand & Tuulberg's profit ten times bigger
Construction company Rand & Tuulberg doubled turnover in nine months this year and profit was ten times bigger. Board president of the company Aivar Tuulberg notes though that final and correct numbers will be clear by the end of the year. Tuulberg says that growth in turnover was generally expected and that behind it is hard work and strategy.

Thursday, 25th of October, 2007

Hansapank once again made record profit
In 3Q Hansapank group earned nearly EEK 2 billion net profit. Compared to 3Q 2006, Hansapank's net profit increased 37%. Bank group's net profit in nine months grew 65% to EEK 5.7 billion.

Turnover of Tele2 grew to nearly EEK 1.5 billion
Estonian second biggest mobile operator Tele2 grew turnover to nearly EEK 1.5 billion in nine months; head of the company Toomas Tiivel says that growth was due to increase in number of called minutes but predicts that this trend cannot continue. Tiivel thinks that customer recruitment campaign and logo replacement campaign of Tele2 benefited to good results. Tele2 profit of nine months was EEK 429 million (13% growth).

Friday, 26th of October, 2007

Eesti Energia missed EEK 1 billion
Business income of first six months in current financial year of Eesti Energia was EEK 3.99 billion. Company's business profit became EEK 463 million and net profit of six months EEK 129 million. Eesti Energia's domestic electricity sale grew 6% and sale to Latvia tripled.
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Nordea's profit grew by half
Nordea Eesti's profit in the end of 3Q 2007 was EEK 240 million, which is 49% growth compared to respective period last year.

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