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WEEK 41.2007

Wednesday, 10th of October, 2007

Fuel sellers dropped gasoline price by EEK 0.30 yesterday
Fuel sellers dropped gasoline price by EEK 0.30 yesterday; initiator was Neste. Neste Eesti director general Indrek Kaju says that cause of price fall is fall in purchase prices. Price of diesel fuel did not change. Statoil followed Neste in the afternoon and the cheapest gasoline cost EEK 13.1 in there.

Thursday, 11th of October, 2007

Sale manager of Kaubamaja: party goes on
In nine months Tallinna Kaubamaja grew turnover 41%. According to Tallinna Kaubamaja sales and marketing manager Enn Parel, there is no sign of economy cooling off at the moment while analysts predict that speed of growth will slow down. Analyst of Hansabank Markets Pavel Lupandin says that results in segments of Selver and Kaubamaja are good. Parel says that there is no sign of slowdown and that party will go on because people buy food even when economic growth slows down.

Scandals do not disturb owners of Merko
Shareholders of Merko Ehitus are not disturbed by company's involvement in politics- scandals; company's stock has grown by 1/5 in past year. At the same time history of Tallinn Stock Exchange knows several cases, where public criticism and fall of reputation have strongly influenced value of listed company. According to Tallinn Stock Exchange board member Kaidi Ruusalepp, company has its leaders' face and price of stock reflects shareholders' opinion on leaders' actions. Lauri Lind, manager of Hansapank's stock markets, shareholders simply have not gone deep to Merko's activities, many major investors do not know anything about company's reputation or scandals.

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