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WEEK 36.2007

Monday, 3rd of September, 2007

Kalev reached profit
Kalev, which had EEK 40.1 million loss in last year's final quarter had EEK 5.2 million profit this year. Company's turnover grew 17% to EEK 204.1 million.

Tuesday, 4th of September, 2007

Georg Ots spa brought first profit to Sumberg
Legendijuhtimise AS, which manages Georg Ots spa and hotel Albert in Riga city centre, brought owners first profit last year: EEK 20.7 million. For today Georg Ots spa has been sold to Arco Vara. Average price of a room in spa last year was EEK 826 per night and occupancy was 69%.

Wednesday, 5th of September, 2007

Urmas Oru brought dying Kanal 2 to profit
In 2002 loss of TV-channel Kanal 2 was more than EEK 20 million but by January 2007 channel managed to gain profit EEK 25.6 million. TV3 earned EEK 26.8 million profit.
Eesti Päevaleht

Viking Line grew market share on Tallinn route
Number of passengers of Finnish shipping company Viking Like grew in summer months on each route - including on Tallinn-Helsinki route by 1%.

Thursday, 6th of September, 2007

Estonians earn by one third more than neighbours
Estonians' wages are highest in the Baltic States, exceeding neighbours in Latvia and Lithuania by one third. Estonians' average wage in 2Q this year was EEK 11,550, growing 21.2% in a year; in Latvia average wage was EEK 8741 and in Lithuania EEK 8278. "Estonians' wage level is higher than our southern neighbours', because growth speed in longer perspective has been quicker and GDP thus higher," said Finance Ministry's analyst Madis Aben.

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