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WEEK 35.2007

Tuesday, 28th of August, 2007

A. Le Coq's profit grew a bit
AS A. Le Coq's first six months' turnover reached EEK 569.1 million compared to EEK 455.4 million in respective period last year. Company's profit from economic activities in first half a year was EEK 77.8 million compared to EEK 70.9 million last year.

Wednesday, 29th of August, 2007

Explosive growth due to extraordinary income
AS PTA Group's net profit in 2Q was EEK 112.8 million compared to EEK 33.5 million in 1Q. Compared to 2Q 2006, profit grew by EEK 110.3 million. Company's turnover in 2Q grew 3.2 times compared to last year, forming EEK 410.7 million. Analyst of LHV investment bank Erki Kert notes that in 2Q company reflected income connected to increasing involvement in subsidiary company Milavitsa, which means that there should be a bit more critical approach to company's profit number.

Cheese manufacturer Estover reached profit
Estover OÜ's loss EEK 2.6 million in first half a year 2006 turned into EEK 10.4 million profit in first six months in 2007. Estover's turnover in first half a year was EEK 146.4 million (growth compared to respective period last year was 15%). Company's CEO Kai Rimmel said that popular new products, especially special summer products, helped to increase growth.
Eesti Päevaleht

Thursday, 30th of August, 2007

Water pushes brewery
Saku Brewery's profit in 2Q grew 22%. Saku's main product is beer but company is also focusing more on table water, ice tea, energy drink and several alcoholic drinks. Saku Brewery's board president Piotr Smaga said that Saku focuses on beers, which guaranteed good results on market, sale and finances. Smaga admits that it would not be good for development to remain only beer manufacturer. Polish leader stressed that company's purpose is to be the best on markets with strong perspective, e.g ice tea, energy drink and water market. Smaga said that Saku's two biggest products, Saku Originaal and Saku Kuld, have gathered surprisingly much popularity in neighbouring markets, especially in Finland.

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