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WEEK 34.2007

Tuesday, 21st of August, 2007

Turnover of Rapla TÜ increased by EEK 20 million
Rapla Consumers' Co-operation made EEK 105.5 million turnover in first six months compared to EEK 84.8 million in first half a year 2006. Co-operation made EEK 4 million income before income tax in first six months (EEK 2.4 million last year).

Wednesday, 22nd of August, 2007

Fakto's turnover grew by EEK 100 million
AS Fakto's turnover in first half a year 2007 reached EEK 571.5 million (EEK 474.6 million last year). Company's profit from economic activities in first six months was EEK 15.7 million compared to EEK 9.4 million in respective period last year. AS Fakto sells vehicles, car appliances and spare parts and also renovates vehicles.

Turnover of KEK Trading grew
First six months' turnover of AS KEK Trading International reached EEK 149.8 million compared to EEK 146.5 million last year. Company's profit from economic activities in fist half a year was EEK 2.3 million (EEK 0.7 million last year).

Sale of Eesti Energia grew by nearly 1/10 in July
Eesti Energia sold 8.8% more electricity in July 2007 than in the same month 2006. Estonia's general economic growth and one new big consumer had positive influence on the sale. Eesti Energia's open market sale focused on major business customers grew 24.3% in July in Estonia.

Viisnurk gained EEK 10.8 million six months' profit
AS Viisnurk's income from sale in first half a year was EEK 129.7 million and net profit 10.8 million. In first half a year 2007 company paid dividends EEK 5.4 million, which is EEK 1.20 per stock.
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Merko Ehitus made EEK 242 million profit
Merko Ehitus concern made EEK 242 million net profit in six months 2007, which is 43.2% more than in respective period last year. Concern's income from sale was EEK 2.49 billion, growing 45.7% in a year. Compared to first six months in 2006, sale income in Estonia grew 36.8%, in Latvia 54.6% and in Lithuania 77.7%.

Tallinna Kaubamaja made EEK 169 million profit
Tallinna Kaubamaja's consolidated unaudited profit in first half aa year with EEK 2.8 billion net turnover was EEK 169 million, which is 67% growth compared to last year. Biggest part of the profit came from Selver - EEK 78.1 million. "Purpose and keyword of coming years is extension - both geographically as well as through developing new business directions," said Tallinna Kaubamaja's board president Raul Puusepp.
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Friday, 24th of August, 2007

Turnover of Riigi Kinnisvara over EEK 100 million
Six months' turnover of Riigi Kinnisvara AS this year grew to EEK 104 million compared to EEK 84 million in respective period last year.

Cheese manufacturer Estover OÜ broke into profit
First six months' profit of cheese manufacturer Estover OÜ grew to EEK 10.4 million compared to EEK 2.6 million loss last year. Estover's turnover in six months was EEK 146.4 million, growing 15% compared to respective period last year. "We managed to gain EEK 10.4 million profit instead of last year's loss due to regulated sale activities and widening of product portfolio," said CEO of company Kai Rimmel.

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