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WEEK 31.2007

Monday, 30th of July, 2007

Statoil’s net profit grew four times
Estonian retail fuel sale leader Statoil managed to grow net profit four times last year and company made a step closer to Neste Eesti AS, which always makes the biggest profit. Neste also had better turnover growth last year – 30% compared to Statoil’s 21%. Statoil’s net profit grew four times and was EEK 78 million. “Year 2006 was very successful for AS Eesti Statoil because we achieved better sale results than planned,” said company’s CEO Helle Kirs-Toiger.

Amserv Group, seller of Toyota cars, grew turnover in first six months of 2007 by 49%, to EEK 1.3 billion. Also, car seller’s profit grew by more than half – company earned EEK 54 million.

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