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WEEK 30.2007

Monday, 23rd of July, 2007

Indrek Rahumaa made clothing company PTA to bloom
Former Klementi and current PTA has become a star stock on stock market. When Indrek Rahumaa and his companions bought Klementi five years ago, company was at a loss and only a few people thought that it might become a success. Currently, turnover growth is nearly ten times and company earns more profit than it had turnover some time ago.

Viru Kalatööstus had EEK 2.5 million profit
Viru Kalatööstus made EEK 2.5 million profit in first half a year of 2007. Last year company’s loss was EEK 1.3 million during respective period. Turnover of the company grew 19% in first six months.

Wednesday, 25th of July, 2007

Krediidipank earned EEK 48 million profit
In first six months 2007 AS Eesti Krediidipank earned EEK 48 million profit, which is by EEK 19 million (40%) more than in the first half of year 2006.

Friday, 27th of July, 2007

Three bigger ice cream manufacturers grew turnover
All three bigger Estonian ice cream manufacturers grew turnover in first six months of 2007; the biggest growth went to Ingman Jäätised, which is the smallest of three companies. Ingman had EEK 30 million turnover in first six months, which is 25% more than in respective period 2006. Profit tripled, reaching EEK 1.5 million in half a year. Tallinna Külmhoone grew turnover by 12% and Balbiino had 10% turnover growth.

Seppik’s sons got huge profit
Sulev and Siim Seppik, sons of Ain Seppik, member of Estonian Central Party, and their business associate Kristian Kesner earned nearly EEK 100 million from the sale of former media building in Tallinn. Their company Hexanor bought the building in last January for EEK 80-120 million and sold it now to Irish real estate company Tiger Developments with EEK 200 million.
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