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WEEK 29.2007

Friday, 20th of July, 2007

Number of text messages sent grew drastically
Yesterday Eesti Telekom announced that income of SMS-service and mobile Internet are growing very quickly. Number of text messages sent in EMT network grew 50% compared to 2Q 2006; number of MMSs grew 16% and number of mobile data communication users reached 142,000 by the end of June. Telekom’s board president Valdo Kalm notes that companies of the sector are hoping for growth of profit and turnover primarily from mobile Internet in coming years.

Turnover of Tallinn Water grew 10%
2Q net profit of Tallinn Water grew 6.5% and reached EEK 23.9 million; a year earlier company’s net profit was EEK 22.4 million. Water company’s turnover grew 9.9% and was EEK 176 million.

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