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WEEK 21.2007

Monday, 21st of May, 2007

Mistra-Autex added million to profit
1Q turnover of AS Mistra-Autex reached EEK 48.1 million; a year earlier turnover of the same period was EEK 42 million. Income before income tax in first three months of this year was EEK 2.2 million (EEK 1.3 million a year earlier).

Turnover of Bladhs Eesti made big jump
First three months’ turnover of Bladhs Eesti AS was EEK 38.7 million compared to EEK 13.9 million a year earlier. Income before income tax in 1Q was EEK 1.9 million (EEK 1.7 million in 2006). Bladhs Eesti manufactures plastic products.

Turnover of A&G Kaubandus grew
A&G Kaubanduse AS turnover in first three months of 2007 was EEK 47.5 million; turnover in respective period last year was EEK 33.2 million. Loss in 1Q was EEK 1.8 million (EEK 2 million in 2006).

Instant growth in Merko’s results was expected
Building company Merko Ehitus had 150% profit growth in 1Q 2007 but interested persons say that this does not give any reason to get euphoric. Turnover of the biggest construction company in the Baltic States was pushed to EEK 1.01 billion by warm winter and cyclicity of realisation of housing construction. Net profit jumped from EEK 35.4 million to EEK 91.4 million.

Tuesday, 22nd of May, 2007

Wendre showed drastic growth
AS Wendre’s 1Q turnover in 2007 was EEK 202.3 million compared to EEK 118.9 million turnover a year ago. Company’s income before income tax in first three months was EEK 19 million (EEK 4.6 million in 2006).

Wednesday, 23rd of May, 2007

Turnover of E-Betoonelement grew 32%
1Q turnover of E-Betoonelement was EEK 171.8 million, which is 32% more than in 1Q 2006. Company has three production branches in Estonia: in Harku, Tamsalu and Rakvere.

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