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WEEK 19.2007

Monday, 7th of May, 2007

Turnover of Saku Metall grew
AS Saku Metall’s turnover in three first months 2007 reached EEK 81.8 million; turnover of respective period last year was EEK 64.1 million. Profit from economic activities was EEK 2.8 million (EEK 6.3 million in 1Q 2006).

Tuesday, 8th of May, 2007

Arco Vara made record profit despite backstrokes
Despite stopped billiard projects, Arco Vara group managed to earn record profit last year – EEK 217.3 million. Profit was EEK 32.5 million. Head of concern Viljar Arakas expressed joy over the results and admitted that year was successful for the company, which shows also from enlargement to Romania and Bulgaria.

Wednesday, 9th of May, 2007

maxit Estonia’s turnover grew by EEK 60 million
First three months’ turnover of as maxit Estonia reached EEK 177 million compared to EEK 118 million a year earlier. Profit from economic activities was EEK 40 million (EEK 22 million in 2006).

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