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WEEK 17.2007

Thursday, 26th of April, 2007

Sale of quality beers grew 5%
In 1Q 2007 Estonians bought 25.6 million litres of beer, which is 5% more than in 1Q 2006. Saku Brewery continues as market leader; company grew amount of sale by 8.6%. A. Le Coq’s amount of sale increased by 2.7% and Viru Õlu’s 9.9%.

Viisnurk’s profit grew four times
In 1Q 2007 Viisnurk’s profit grew more than four times, to EEK 7.5 million compared to respective period last year. Company’s turnover in three months was EEK 66.7 million, which is 25% more than in the same time last year. Viisnurk’s finance manager Einar Pähkel noted that company plans to open three stores in Lithuania in the second quarter.

Irest’s turnover more than EEK 100 million
Consolidated turnover of Irest Ehitusjuhtimise AS in 1Q was EEK 102.2 million and consolidated profit from first three months EEK 10.9 million.

Nordkalk increased turnover by more than EEK 10 million
AS Nordkalk’s 1Q turnover was EEK 35 million; a year earlier turnover was EEK 23 million. Three first months’ profit from economic activities was EEK 0.26 million compared to EEK 3.09 million in 1Q 2006. AS Nordkalk manufactures lime and dolomite products.

TREF’s annual turnover grew strongly
Consolidated turnover of road construction company AS TREF in 2006 was EEK 541.5 million compared to EEK 289.6 million a year earlier. Company’s profit from economic activities was EEK 43.5 million (EEK 22.9 million in 2005).

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