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WEEK 16.2007

Monday, 9th of April, 2007

Wendre’s turnover grew EEK 300 million
Turnover of home textile manufacturer AS Wendre reached EEK 688.4 million in 2006; a year earlier turnover was EEK 397.2 million. Company’s profit from economic activities was EEK 60.4 million last year compared to EEK 23.8 million in 2005. Wendre has three production units in Estonia, which are located in Pärnu, Vändra and Võhma. Company also has a factory in Poland.

Wednesday, 11th of April, 2007

Turnover of Värvikeskuste Group grew by 1/3
OÜ Värvikeskuste Group turnover in 2006 was EEK 133.9 million, which is 32% growth compared to year 2005. Olle Saare, Group’s CEO noted that in coming year company wants to start business also in central Estonia.

Thursday, 12th of April, 2007

Wendre invested more than EEK 100 million to Polish pillow factory
AS Wendre is starting business in Poland but despite the growth in turnover and profit, plan of investments is not decided yet. Company’s board president Vahur Roosaar said that they have already invested EEK 100-125 million. Growing production also grows number of employees; there are currently about 60 people working in Polish factory but this number should reach 200 once the factory is completed.

Friday, 13th of April, 2007

IMF: Estonia’s economic growth will outdistance Latvia in one year
IMF predicts Estonia 7.9% economic growth for next year while Latvia’s economic growth is predicted to be 7%. According to IMF, Estonia’s economic growth this year will reach 9.9% and Latvia’s 10.5%, which is the quickest growth among new EU member states.

Kaubamaja concern’s turnover grew 44%
Consolidated unaudited net turnover of Tallinna Kaubamaja concern in 1Q was EEK 1.24 billion, which is 43.7% more than in 1Q 2006.
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