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WEEK 12.2007

Monday, 19th of March, 2007

Flexa Eesti grew turnover by EEK 35 million
AS Flexa Eesti’s turnover in 2006 grew to EEK 415 million, year earlier turnover was EEK 380 million. Company’s last year’s profit from economic activities was EEK 24.5 million compared to EEK 15.7 million in 2005. AS Flexa Eesti manufactures wooden furniture and furniture pieces.

Tuesday, 20th of March, 2007

Konesko grew turnover by nearly EEK 200 million
AS Konesko’s last year’s turnover reached EEK 673 million compared to EEK 481 million a year before. Company’s profit from economic activities was EEK 72.8 million in 2006 (EEK 51.7 million in 2005).

Wednesday, 21st of March, 2007

Silbet’s turnover grew to EEK 171 million
AS Silbet’s turnover grew last year from EEK 130 million to EEK 171 million, which is +31%. Sale of company’s concrete building blocks grew 23% and export formed 68.8% of total sale. The main exportation countries were Latvia and St Petersburg region in Russia.
Eesti Päevaleht, Ärileht

E-Piim grew turnover and profit
Dairy co-operative E-Piim’s unconsolidated turnover in 2006 was EEK 490.2 million compared to EEK 473.9 million a year before. Company’s profit from economic activities was EEK 3 million last year (EEK 2.4 million in 2005).

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